To achieve energy sustainability, we must increase energy efficiency, significantly decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, and move toward renewable energy sources. These strategies promise to conserve natural resources, protect the environment, create jobs locally, and strengthen energy security.

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David W. Orr - The Carbon Connection
David W. Orr

Our mismanagement of carbon threatens the human future.

Richard Heinberg - The Challenge of Peak Oil
Richard Heinberg

Available fossil fuel is declining and cannot be fully replaced by renewable energy, requiring a dramatically lower-energy way of life.

Zenobia Barlow - Taking Nature's Course
Zenobia Barlow

Could schooling for sustainability have prevented the latest Gulf Coast disaster?

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Blog New Orleans Students Challenge Schools on Use of Oil

“Who is really responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf,” students ask, “BP or everyone who uses oil?”

Lisa Bennett
Blog Wind Power Project Offers a New Spin for Students

How to tackle sustainability, recycling, and renewable energy with a tin of baked beans.

Karen Brown
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