Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is based on the belief that all people should have the right to a safe, healthy, productive, and sustainable environment. It includes equal access to healthful food, clean water, nontoxic living and working conditions, and safe energy.

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Joanna Macy - The Great Turning
Joanna Macy

The Great Turning is a shift from the Industrial Growth Society to a life-sustaining civilization.

Robert Gottlieb - Imagining an Urban Nature Agenda
Robert Gottlieb

Overcoming the debilitating divide between nature and human activity requires a more expansive view of nature in the city.

The Goldman Prize Award - 2008
Jesús León Santos

Indigenous peoples have historically been the creators and guardians of biological and genetic wealth; reclaiming that role now serves all of humanity.

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Essay Solutions That Serve People and the Environment

Changing food systems can play a key role in the alleviation of poverty.

Zenobia Barlow
Essay Bringing People Back into the Economy

The renewable energy of ecology, sharing, solidarity, and compassion must counter the destructive energy of greed creating scarcity at every level.

Vandana Shiva
Blog The Little Black Dress That Could

Two friends fund a scholarship program with sustainable style.

Karen Brown
Blog Avatar: Does It Belong in Your Classroom?

Is it an unrivaled teaching tool about the natural world, or a “lame cartoon”?

Karen Brown
Essay Not Whether, But How, to Change the World

What we let into our minds, says Frances Moore Lappé, determines who we become. Why not choose an empowering new diet?

Frances Moore Lappé
Blog A Green School with a View...of Dignity

A green school design from New Orleans puts student dignity at the center of the design process.

Karen Brown
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