Health and Nutrition

The specific foods we eat greatly affect our health and well-being. Nutritious food choices—like whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables—promote health and fitness. Other food choices, however, are detrimental to health. Diet is directly linked to a number of diseases—including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

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Michael Pollan - We Are What We Eat
Michael Pollan

If you are what you eat, and especially if you eat industrial food as 99 percent of Americans do, what you are is "corn."

Ann Evans - What in Health Is Going on Here?
Ann M. Evans

School programs addressing childhood nutrition and health require state and national policy and legislative solutions.

Ann Cooper - Penny-wise and Pounds Foolish
Ann Cooper

The success of school meals should be measured by the health of children and the planet, not by bodies served at lowest cost.

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Essay Hooked on Sugar

Sugar and other refined carbohydrates are linked to diabetes, depression, and addictions in our children.

Margaret Adamek
Essay Feeding Our Kids the Right Food...and Inspiring Them to Eat It

A Teachers College study sheds light on the importance of combining school meal change with classroom curriculum.

Pamela Koch
Essay You Are What You Grow: Will This Year's Farm Bill Make Us Fatter and Sicker?

The Farm Bill significantly affects food, farming, land use, school meals, biodiversity, family farms, and farm workers in the U.S.

Michael Pollan
Essay A New Era for Nutrition Education

It is time for a new philosophy of nutrition education that informs our children about their personal health and the future of our planet.

Marilyn Briggs
Essay Wild and Slow: Nourished by Tradition

Degenerative diseases like diabetes can be reduced by shifting from refined carbohydrate diets to traditional wild foods.

John C. Mohawk
Essay Unhappy Meals

How whole foods came to be treated not as complex ecologies, but as mere delivery systems for "nutrients."

Michael Pollan
Essay SpongeBob, Junk Food, and the Federal Trade Commission

Limit promotion of some foods marketed to children and create incentives that increase demand for foods that are nutritionally superior.

Margo Wootan
Essay Looking at the Whole: Toward a Social Ecology of Health

Contrary to common sense, big problems are often more soluble than small ones.

Richard Levins
Essay Leadership, Policy, and Change

Wellness committees are entrusted with developing federally mandated wellness policies.

Janet Brown
Essay Sodas in Schools: A Sticky Situation

School beverage policies should address obesity, tooth decay, and low-nutrient drinks' contributions to chronic illness.

Melinda Hemmelgarn
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