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These publications, by Center for Ecoliteracy board and staff members and colleagues whose work we respect, expand on the discussions in this website of the theory and practice of ecological literacy in education. "Publications" include books, downloadable publications such as teachers' guides, and essays by a variety of experts.


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The Center for Ecoliteracy has created a number of book-length publications, available for purchase. They present its ideas in greater depth than is possible on this website, offer resources for educators concerned with schooling for sustainability, and document the accomplishments of the schooling for sustainability movement.
center for ecoliteracy - Ecoliterate
Daniel Goleman
Lisa Bennett
Zenobia Barlow
Read what happens when emotional and social intelligence meet ecological intelligence.
Smart by Nature: Schooling for Sustainability Book
Michael K. Stone
David Orr calls Smart by Nature "must reading" for educators, parents, and the concerned public.


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The Center for Ecoliteracy makes many of its extended publications available for downloading at no cost. They include Smart by Natureā„¢ downloadable resources; a teacher's guide for the film Food, Inc., a guide for starting school gardens; the Center's Rethinking School Lunch Guide; a visual guide to linking food, culture, health, and the environment; and a guide to district wellness policies.
Tools for demonstrating the academic, health, environmental, and financial benefits of high-quality, appealing school meals.
21 new recipes for reimbursable school meals from fresh ingredients, scaled and tested for quantities of 50 and 100.


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Through its newsletter and website, the Center for Ecoliteracy offers concise essays presenting the perspectives of leading thinkers, educators, and policy makers. Its contributors probe the connections that link childhood obesity and other school food, environmental issues and public policy, the interdependence of human and ecological communities, and education for sustainability.
Against All Odds: School Gardens Bloom in West Contra Costa
Alice Lee Tebo
A collaborative of teachers, administrators, community members, and students creates successful school gardens in some tough places through the power...
New Lessons from Leonardo
Fritjof Capra
To reconnect us with the living Earth today, we need exactly the kind of synthesis Leonardo outlined 500 years ago.


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Center for Ecoliteracy videos offer windows into our projects and activities while showcasing ideas and leaders in the schooling for sustainability movement.
The actor, talk show host, and author stands up for school food to help kid learn, grow, and succeed. (90 seconds)
Celebrate California's abundance while supporting the health of children, education, and the state's economy. (3 minutes)
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