STAR School

Nitsidigo'i' A Navajo Heritage Food

STAR School

Our goal

Our goal was to learn about Navajo Heritage Foods, and for the older students to learn Place-Based Media Arts. This is the link to the award winning documentary video our students made.:

How we are doing it

The Jr. High Media Arts team documented through video the Kindergarten's class trip to their teacher's cornfield to harvest corn and make Nitsidigo'i'.

What we are learning

Heritage Foods, Growing Corn.

School Information

School: STAR School
Grade level: K-5 6-8
Number of students in your project: 23
Subjects: Science Social Science Other (please specify in box below)
Other subjects: Media Arts, Cooking, Native Studies
Number of students in your school: 120
Project initiator: Collaboration with teachers, students and administrators

Contact Information

Rachel Tso, Place-Based Media Arts Educator
145 Leupp Rd  Flagstaff,  AZ  86004

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